Enhances Web Experience
A good multimedia web design can make a drab, one-dimensional web site happening. Multimedia development is the integration of multiple forms of media such mean text, graphics, audio, photo images, animation, full motion video, data, etc.

Development of any project is divided in Four Phases

Phase 1: Budgeting
Before implementing an interactive multimedia web design development project it is very important to have a rough estimation about the costs. Keeping in mind the attributes and features to be incorporated in the project, the overall costing could be estimated. More the features, higher would be the price.

Phase 2: Design
In this phase, the designing part begins where the web designers actually give shape to all the ideas and visualizations. Depending on the size of the project, its complexity, and the amount of cutting-edge technology involved, the designing team may need months to accomplish the task. The multimedia web site design differs according to the capabilities of the playback platform. Moreover the overall design is also affected by the software available in the market and its compatibility with various media forms. With the help of multimedia software, the multimedia developer design slide shows, product demonstrations, tutorials, brochures, movies, cartoons, walk-through demonstrations, advertisements, interactive photo albums and more.

Phase 3: Testing
For ensuring the quality of the multimedia web design project, testing is must. Here the performance of various elements used in the multimedia development process is tested under different hardware and operating system configurations. During this stage the designer can analyze the loop holes and rectify them.

Phase 4: Publishing
In multimedia web design, the content of the site is published in two different versions. One version is published strictly with HTML codes without including the rich multimedia features where the users can view the content part. To view the other version, additional download time or a plug-in is required while the viewer can see, hear, and interact with the content exactly as it was intended.

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